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Andalusia has the greatest diversity of habitats in Europe. And Cadiz is the richest and best preserved province in Andalusia, with 234,000 ha of protected areas in which to observe up to 400 species of birds among residents, wintering, summer and migratory.

But it is difficult to find a destination that offers a unique ornithological diversity in Europe and, at the same time, you discover the history of the West. Birding among white villages, touring the territory of the Phoenicians, photographing unpublished landscapes, tasting traditional delicacies and avant-garde gastronomy, discovering cities and places of world heritage or living exclusive experiences with people as authentic as unknown makes us happy.

Cadiz is one of the most important migratory bird routes on the planet, but it is also the oldest territory in the West. It is one of the best places in the world for ornithology; And the seaport on which Columbus recruited navigators for the Carrera de Indias.

Cadiz enjoys a unique biogeography and is one of the few “funnels” that planing birds need to cross to continue to Africa and bathe them two seas; Control of pelagic and marine birds; Home of the Atlantis of the Tartessos, the Meridian of Cadiz and …

Martinete discovers the soul and the Andalusian nature from its corner more flirty and unknown: Cadiz.