Doñana is the largest ecological reserve in Europe. Casa Martinete is located in Trebujena on a hill overlooking the Guadalquivir Marshes, just 5 kilometres from Doñana National Park. 3.400 hectares of this park, comprising salt marshes, tidal plains, estuaries and pine forest, pertains to Cádiz province. The marshes of Trebujena, the Guadalquivir estuary, the Bonanza Salt Marsh and the Algaida Pinewood are the property’s “gardens”, bathed by the Guadalquivir River and witness to the beginnings of this region’s civilized history.

Steven Spielberg chose the sunset at Casa Martinete to make his famous film “The Empire of the Sun” and we invite you to enjoy the same landscape from your bedroom.

During the periods of breeding and wintering, Doñana receives hundreds of thousands of birds and is an essential visit for all ornithologists and naturalists. Our exclusive route will show you Cadiz’s Doñana, crossing the Guadalquivir River and covering the entire National Park. Enjoy a surprising and thrilling day trip that begins in Sanlúcar and takes you to the famous hamlet of El Rocio, returning in the same day.